Caroline de Benoist

After a legal career of fifteen years in prestigious Parisian Luxury Homes, Caroline de Benoist creates her first jewelry line that she likes to call "serious fantasy": the rigor of the manufacture and the nobility of the stones fine in the service of shapes and free lines.

The immediate success of his first creations led him to develop his high-fantasy collection, and a very first jewelery collection, in India, country with a thousand and one fine stones.

The discovery of this country of contrasts was for her an intense emotional shock.

The multitude of know-how, the ubiquitous refinement of the Indian arts, the depth and spirituality of the artisans she met, acted on her as a new trigger of creativity.

Caroline is fond of fine stones with generous shapes and joyous colors that she dresses in gold-plated 18-carat gold, alternately hammered, braided or beaded. She is in love with the colorful and refined worlds of Indonesia and India whose creations are echoed.

She particularly likes working around the irregular shape of the fine stones she finds in India, crimping them and combining them in an unusual way to escape the codes of traditional jewelery: for her, beauty is in the imperfection, in the 'unexpected.

Her creations are a reflection of her predilection for color combinations, the game of forms, irregularity and freedom of lines: for Caroline a jewel must distinguish itself ... and stand out.